Bedroom Storage at West Harvard Furniture

No one likes a cluttered bedroom. Your bedroom should be a calming place to relax and rejuvenate, and that’s hard to do when you’re surrounded by piles of clothes or books. Our customers in Roseburg and the surrounding areas in Oregon say that they are able to get better sleep when their bedroom is neat and organized, and the bedroom storage options at West Harvard Furniture make that much easier to accomplish.

At West Harvard Furniture there are storage options ranging from complete bedroom sets to individually sold dressers, chests, storage beds, nightstands, and more! If you need to maximize storage space without using up floor space in a small bedroom, look for dressers and chests with a higher number of drawers. Storage beds are also great options for space-saving. If you have a small closet or no closet at all, consider a matching chest and dresser set. Many of the dressers available at West Harvard also have attachable mirrors – talk about multi-tasking!

Speaking of multi-tasking, ask about nightstands with a mixture of shelves and drawers so you can put away small items and electronics rather than letting them gather on surfaces in the bedroom. Some nightstands even have built-in outlets so you won’t have to move furniture just to plug in a charger or reading lamp.

You’ll also find less conventional bedroom storage options at West Harvard Furniture, such as storage benches, bookcases, baskets, storage bins and more! A coat rack could be a great addition to a walk-in closet for scarves and jewelry. Shelves next to an armoire can be used to store/display purses when they are not being used. The designers at West Harvard have lots of storage solutions that are perfect for large and small spaces, just stop by to speak with one of our experts! They will help you with everything from under-the-bed storage to shoe racks and wall-mounted storage units. There’s no project too big or too small!

To shop for beautiful and functional bedroom storage solutions in Roseburg, North Roseburg, Green, Melrose, Winston, Lookingglass, Dilard, Sutherlin, Oakland, Myrtle Creek, Fair Oaks, Glide, Tri-City, Riddle and Days Creek Oregon come to West Harvard Furniture!